Christine Weir

Voice and Public Speaking

What I Do

Public Speaking Coach

I have completed ‘Principals of Teaching Communication Skills’ from Trinity College, London and I am busy completing the Licentiate in the same subject.

I studied ND Drama at University of Tshwane

Vocal/Singing coach

I have a Teaching Diploma in Voice, Scottish Traditional music from London College of Music.

I am the vocal coach for the music dept at AFDA, Cape Town.

I am the author of ‘Shut your Trap and Sing!’ see link below.


My performing career has had many highlights, including being a founder member of ‘Not the Midnight Mass’, being the lead singer in the Sun City Extravaganza ‘Odyssey’ and producing my own music/theatre show, ‘Christine and the Kilts’.

I host a weekly Celtic music podast on Fine Music Radio, called “Under the Kilt” http://www.fmr.co.za/podcasts/

“The Human Voice is the most perfect instrument of all” Arvo Pärt

In 2017 I self published my book called ‘Shut your Trap and Sing!’

In it I discuss traditional singing techniques as well as a technique called ‘Cuperto’ in which a small mouth space or ‘Semi Occluded Vocal Tract’ is used to great vocal effect. This voice technique has become popular in recent years with the use of straw phonation. My book is available as an e-book on Amazon (link below) and at selected book stores in South Africa.

Mobile: +27786423124

“The tongue can paint what the eyes can’t see “

email: weirchristine@gmail.com